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About Dr. Fran

Dr.FranDr. Fran Walker graduated as a Doctor in Internal Medicine from Western China in 1997 and immigrated to Canada that same year. She then attended the University of British Columbia for 7 years and graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry as a Doctor in Dental Medicine. She and her husband moved to Campbell River in 2006, right after graduation. 

Dr. Fran loves her profession. She is very meticulous about her work, and very gentle and considerate towards her patients.  She spends quality time with each of her patients discussing their treatment options and helping them make the best suitable treatment choices.

When not working at her office, Dr. Fran enjoys gardening, cooking and loves pets of many kinds. Currently she is the mother to nine adorable in-house free-flying lovebirds, eight chickens, and Bandit an eleven year old Burmese Mountain dog.